Why Photo Coaching is a Profitable Business Opportunity to Consider

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Melody Whitehead, top, with client.

Here’s why starting a photo-coaching business makes sense. A need exists because we’re taking more photos than ever. Look at the numbers.

Here’s how many pictures were taken on a global scale, according to Rise Above Research, a digital marketing consulting firm:

2019 — 1.41 trillion

2020 — 1.12 trillion (drop due to the Covid shutdown)

2021 — 1.4 trillion (estimated June 2021)

2022 — 1.5 trillion

2023 — 1.61 trillion

Smartphones were used to take about 90 percent of all the photos.

Once pictures are taken, they have to be stored.

Photo storage is a large growth segment. The report estimates that 7.9 trillion photos will be stored in 2021 and nearly 10 trillion will be stored in 2023.

But where do those photos get stored?

On social media platforms that sell your data for advertising revenue or on photo services where you’re paying a small monthly fee, but you don’t actually own the site. Plenty of pictures get backed up to thumb drives or stay on hard drives that run the risk of becoming obsolete.

Not only do families have their new pictures to handle, but many households have book shelves filled with photo albums that need scanning, plus VHS tapes, and old home movies hidden in closets or drawers.

My photo coaching business offers solutions for organizing photos, safely storing, and converting old media files.

Can you see why photo coaches are needed?

People need someone to:

  • guide them in selecting and organizing their pictures
  • show them an online storage solution they own
  • safely convert outdated media to digital files
  • offer family research services


Guidance and Advice

I’ve been a photo coach for 26 years and wrote about my anniversary this past March in a blog post. Scroll down at the end of this post to see the link.

Read it and you’ll see how I got interested in photo coaching after seeing a friend update her book and the pictures of her young children.

Woman's fingers on journal with picture
Photo by Emma Dau, Unsplash

Early in my career that began in the mid-90s, scrapbooking was the rage. Effort was made to create nicely crafted photobooks. I’m not an artsy type and making beautiful photobooks didn’t ring my bell. But something else did.

My previous professional background was in the banking industry where I learned systems. I took more of a systems approach to photo coaching by helping my customers see that their pictures told stories. I thought like a journalist and asked the basic W questions:

  • Who—is in the picture?
  • What—is happening?
  • Where—is it taking place?
  • When—did it occur?
  • Why—is this important?

Here are thoughts on the last W—Why?

Not every picture we take is worth keeping and storing. In this digital age, dozens of images from one event can be duplicates or near duplicates. Helping my customers dig out from under the overwhelming nature of available pictures is a strategic part of my coaching.

Technology is another area where I’m committed to using the best possible tools and systems. Where and how we store our pictures is a big deal.

This is a serious need that photo coaches can meet in the marketplace.

This is where I’m excited because in my business I show customers how they can safely store pictures that they own in a digital album that’s guaranteed for a lifetime, plus 100 years.

Social media, free services, and low-cost monthly subscription plans aren’t guaranteed, the Terms of Service can change, and you can get locked out of your account.


Other Key Services

Family research and genealogy services are now available.

Merging your old and current photos, videos, slides and home movies with your family history is possible through genealogy services that I offer. Professional researchers will dig into stories and news you won’t find on the Internet.

Chart of family history
Researching family history

You learn more about your family and you can create in-depth stories to pass along to your children and grandchildren. It’s a way of connecting the generations.

This image is from my friend and colleague Kathy Story help her 86-year-old father. She wrote about her experience in this blog post.




Turn your photos into gifts.

Let’s not forget gifts for Christmas, plus holidays and special occasions throughout the year.

Pictures can be turned into photo books that touch us more deeply than just about anything else.


Who makes a good photo coach?

If you want to build a solid home-based business like I have then this could be an opportunity for you. I know professionals who handle client assets get involved because our photos are assets. They can integrate the services into their existing businesses.


I’m here to help

Office Hours with Melody Event
Melody Whitehead, Safeguard Your Memories


I’ll gladly answer any questions about your photos or becoming a photo coach. I truly am here to help.

Contact me and let’s chat.

Check my Events page for times when you can join us for brief calls on Zoom to learn about gifts, photo organizing basics and more.



Read my story in this post, Another Anniversary of Organizing and Storing Your Photos.

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