Your Best Cloud Storage Option for Photos, Videos, and Other Memories

How do you save your photos, videos on VHS tape, old wedding photos, and more?

Consider FOREVER®–it’s permanent storage guaranteed and is the most complete memory-keeping system available.

Here’s why FOREVER® is such a powerful storage system.

A friend of mine and photo coaching associate, Rori Grosse, was carefully saving her most meaningful memories.

As we moved from film to the digital age in the early 2000s, she had photos stored on her computer. But in 2008, she installed a backup from an external hard drive, her computer crashed, and she lost everything. Her photos were gone.

Rori Grosse headshot
Rori Grosse and an important member of her family

But the painful lesson ultimately had benefits and now Rori shows people how to store their memories using her system of choice, FOREVER®.

I asked Rori to share about why she uses the platform and it’s summed up in this quote:

“FOREVER® is the best system that’s available for digitizing old files and storing them,” she says.

Scroll to the end of this post and see how you can try FOREVER® free.


Let’s look at the most popular options for storing your files:

  • External hard drives
  • Flash drives
  • Cloud storage

“External hard drives and flash drives aren’t designed as permanent storage. External hard drives can be dropped and break,” says Rori. “The USB connectors in flash drives can get damaged and they get lost easily because they’re so small.”

Typical cloud storage has its specific problems.

“People often don’t trust cloud storage for reasons like data mining. Free services will use your content for marketing and advertising. That will never happen with FOREVER®.

“There are subscription services where you pay monthly, yet the company could go out of business. Some require you to use all their services or they’ll limit access. An example is Shutterfly, restricting storage for people who don’t use their printing.”

Trust is important and most families have no system for truly preserving their photos, videos, and other files. Passing them safely along from one generation to the next doesn’t even seem possible.

“I know someone who has their most treasured photos in a safe deposit box in the bank.”

FOREVER® is permanent storage with the highest rating from Trust Pilot of any company in the industry.

Here’s how FOREVER® is different than other similar companies and social media platforms.

“It’s the only true, permanent storage solution,” says Rori.


Reasons to use and trust FOREVER®

  1. FOREVER® is built with backup systems so your storage is safe for a lifetime plus into the next full century and beyond. It’s guaranteed safe.

“This is a reason I trust FOREVER® as the best cloud storage service. What happens if your Microsoft cloud service goes down with your stored photos and videos? Or you can’t access your account? FOREVER has contingency plans in place and they’re not limited to one server.”

  1. You can own your FOREVER® account.

Subscription services are like renting. You have little to no control over what happens to your files. Ownership gives you control and you won’t be locked out of your account or have Terms of Service changed without warning.

  1. You store everything in one safe place.

Bring all of your past memories along with all of your future files into the same digital home. FOREVER® digitizes files in their state-of-the-art facility in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Picture of digital albums
Rori Grosse trusts FOREVER to store and safeguard her most precious memories

What can you digitize?

  • Wedding videos on VHS tape or even Super 8 home movies,
  • photo books and scrapbooks,
  • slide shows,
  • handwritten letters,
  • important documents,
  • and, of course, old photos.

They’re digitized, uploaded to your account, and the originals are safely returned to you.

Rori enjoys researching her family’s history and has documents showing her great-great grandfather’s family line back to the 1500s in her FOREVER® account. She stores those in the same place where she’ll upload and organize photos of her pets and vacations in the coming year.

  1. FOREVER® has personable customer service.

Most companies that are great with technology aren’t so wonderful when it comes to speaking with a live person. Ever tried to get help from a Facebook rep or Google?

FOREVER® provides personal care at key levels, that fancy phrase called “customer touch point.”

If necessary, you can talk to someone on the digitization team or get general questions answered.

The customer relationship begins with a photo coach like me or Rori who can show you the ins and outs of the system.

What does Rori do as a photo coach? She helps her clients safeguard their memories.

Digital album of cats
Pets are people, too, right? Rori stores photo of pets, family research and more.

FOREVER® Benefit: peace of mind

“One of my clients was right on the border of a wildfire evacuation. She took the time to gather what she needed and could pack up her photos and the scrapbooks she had. This is why trusted and safe cloud storage is a great solution. Your memories won’t get ruined and you’re not in danger of losing them.”


FOREVER® Benefit: convenient digitization

You can delegate digitizing to FOREVER® and not sweat the labor.

“A woman I was working with used FOREVER® to digitize her mom’s photos, home movies, VHS and thanked me for saving her a ton of time.”


FOREVER® Benefit: sharing with many

Dependable cloud storage is nice because you can share with multiple people anywhere there’s an internet connection.”

Families move around and children grow up and move out. But the internet helps us stay connected so we can share what’s important.

“Another client lives in the Midwest but her children are on the East Coast and West Coast. She can easily share her photos with them and use the collaborative album feature if they want.”

Collaborative albums allow sports teams, church groups, and families share photos and videos in one central album where they’re guaranteed safe.


FOREVER® is versatile

You can have peace of mind knowing that your digital files are permanently safe. But isn’t it even better to know that you can use your files in many different ways?

Print is still important and you can create photo books and other gifts directly from your digital albums. Your photo books can be handed out as remembrances and as gifts throughout the year.

Family research and writing your family’s story is also popular with FOREVER® clients.

Rori has used FOREVER® researchers to trace her family line back to Germany in the 1500s. Click here to see the blog post from last week.

How to Research and Store Your Family’s History for Future Generations.


Learn how to digitize and store your memories: Ask Rori

Rori Grosse headshot
Rori Grosse and an important member of her family

Try FOREVER® with 2 Free GB of storage space. Click here.

You’ll see what it’s like to upload photos and create albums.

Rori has in-depth experience with FOREVER®’s platform. Ask her questions related to how FOREVER guarantees its service, how she organizes her photos, and more.

She wants to know what’s important to you.

Get in touch by calling Rori or emailing.

Ph: 520-870-2822


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