7 Benefits of Permanent Digital Photo Storage using FOREVER®

It’s fun to thumb through those traditional photo albums and relive our most meaningful memories. But they risk becoming lost or damaged.

And how do you access VHS tapes and those older 8mm home movies and slide shows?

You can watch newer videos on your phone but they’re eating up memory. You can share them to social media, but will you be able to access them a few years from now?

In my nearly 30 years as a photo coach, I’ve come across one permanent solution for bringing all of your most meaningful photos and videos into one place.

Each of the benefits that I’ve discovered is listed below, but rather than say it all in my words I’ve decided to include my friends, who are also photo coaches, and using this platform, FOREVER, a complete memory-keeping system, too.

Read on and see how they benefit from using FOREVER® personally and with their clients. Each section ends with a link to a blog post where each person gives more insight so you can click on the title and learn more.


1 Peace-of-mind

FOREVER® gives you one safe, secure place to store the images and videos you’ve taken on your phone or tablet alongside the 8mm movies taken 50 or 60 years ago. All of your photos, videos, slides and more are brought into one secure place.

Michelle Collinge knows how important it is that FOREVER® is secure and offers peace of mind.

Woman wearing glasses standing in front of printed photo on wall
Michelle finds creative ways to use photos in decorating and as gifts

She always enjoyed arranging printed photos in traditional scrapbook albums and, as she later entered the digital age, she uploaded her photos to her computer.

You can probably relate.

A collection of 25,000 photos that included her most meaningful memories were in print and on her system’s hard drive.

Until her computer crashed.

She lost about one-third of the photos because she hadn’t backed them up on an external hard drive.

Now, they’re stored safely and permanently and she doesn’t have to worry if her memories will get damaged or lost.


“It’s also nice that I can upload pictures from my phone. FOREVER® makes it easy. I love that and the digitization of old files.”

Read more of Michelle’s story in the post Finding Peace of Mind through Permanent and Secure Photo Storage


2 Easy to Share Older Photos and Home Movies

What is digitization? It’s turning your older files into digital files that you can easily share.

The FOREVER® platform makes it convenient to digitize all your printed photos, slide shows, home movies, VHS tapes and more in your home and then upload them to your account. Once they’re finished, then you can stream older videos and home movies like Brandi Koehm has done.

Brandi was visiting her 92-year-old grandmother and used her phone to click on the FOREVER® app and show her grandmother a movie of her six kids from 40 years ago.

2 women and 92 yr old grandmother
Sharing photos and home movies can be healing

“It was awesome because she’s battling Alzheimers,” says Brandi, “and gave her a window to this life that she actually does remember.”

Brandi has digitized 40 VHS family movies and 5 family movie reels, plus photo albums.

Read more of how Brandi has used FOREVER in this post,

The Benefits of Storing Family Photos and Videos Safely and Permanently


3 Freedom to organize for today—and for decades from now

FOREVER lets you organize and archive like a historian. Which you are. You’re collecting your family’s history.

You can set up albums by categories like Travel or Parents and then you can create sub-albums. If Travel is one of your main albums then a sub-album may be Vacations 2003 (changing the year, of course) or Family Summer Home.

Within your summer home album then you can organize photos, videos, and slide shows by each year you began vacationing there.

Storing photos in FOREVER means you’re not just organizing so you can see your photos a few months from now. But they’ll be available years and decades from now.

A question that Marianna Curran asks is, “What will someone 30 years from now find interesting and meaningful?”

Woman sitting at table with pics
Photo by Marianna Curran

She helps her clients consider a logical arrangement that works for them now and will be useful when grandchildren or great-children are browsing the albums in future decades.

“I can help someone get started within a half-hour so they can set up their photos in a way that makes sense for them. There’s no one system that’s right for everyone.”

Marianna advises clients to follow how their brain thinks.

“Do you think in chronology or in themes? Do you think in terms of locations or holidays? You also need to consider how someone 20 or 30 years will be looking through your photos. I organize by chronology, family and places.”

She and family regularly visit the same summer home so that’s one of the albums she organizes within.

Learn more from Marianna with this post:

Her Method to Reduce the Madness of Organizing Photos and Storing Them Permanently


4 Research family history and share with relatives around the globe

Margarita Buitrago’s mother and father moved to the United States and left their home in Colombia, South America behind. Her mother took photos in the U.S. but they were difficult to send back home to Colombia. Families there took few pictures before the digital era because film was expensive. There were no candid shots and people posed for family portraits instead.

But FOREVER® has given Margarita a vehicle for sharing across continents.

“My relatives can access our photos whether they’re in California, Canada, Colombia or anywhere else they’ve branched out. But there’s another benefit—researching family history.

Woman looking at camera, wearing blue white striped shirt
Margarita Buitrago, photo coach

“My aunt, my mother’s sister, is still living. So I send her pictures through the FOREVER online storage and ask ‘who’s in this picture?’ ‘When was it taken?’ ‘What’s the time period?’ I’ll share with my cousins as well, including one who recently moved to California. It’s a project that has helped connect our different family members.

FOREVER® allows Margarita to share pictures with cousins and other relatives no matter where they live, as long as they have an Internet connection.

“I designate them as family and friends within my FOREVER account, and then they’re able to copy any pictures they want into their account and vice versa. We have one place where everyone can go to see the family pictures.”


For serious genealogists, FOREVER® has professional researchers on staff who offer expert guidance, helping you track down hard to find information to develop your family’s story.


Learn more from Margarita’s discoveries with How Storing Photos Online Connected a Family Across Continents


5  Write your family story with ease

As you organize your photos, you can write brief or long descriptions about each one in your FOREVER® album.

Cindy Marks has done this. Photo albums and stories were a natural fit for Cindy who has become the “family historian.”

Cindy and Dirk
Cindy and her husband, Dirk.

“Our stories are history, and someone is going to be curious about us. Think of the collections like your own personal museum. The Getty Museum is a good analogy.

Art that’s preserved links us to the past. Our photo collections and our personal stories are treasures that others want to see and enjoy.”

Cindy is active online helping others use their photos to write their family story during virtual events.

See the Events page on my website for dates and times to join in.

Enjoy reading Cindy’s insights in How to Use Your Photos in Writing Your Family’s Story





6 Create photo books and memorable gifts

Creating photo books and other memorable gifts from your digital album is easy using FORERVER®. Kathy Jones, a retired schoolteacher, knows how powerful photo storybooks can be when she first created them for her adult son when he battled cancer.

In recent years, Kathy has created 35 heirloom quality photo books for herself, clients, family, and friends.

Blonde woman looking at camera, smiling
Kathy’s photo business has become a passion of helping others

In January of 2018 Kathy started her own photo journal project called Day2Day. The FOREVER Day2Day Project is all about taking a photo a day, making a weekly page using FOREVER’s Artisan and sharing your daily lives with others who are participating in the same project.

In February of that year, her husband developed pancreatic cancer. This was a terrible blow to Kathy, and she thought about stopping the Day2Day project, but friends advised that it might be good therapy.

“I kept it up and documented what was happening in our lives. The weekly themes encouraged me to look around, see my blessings, and to understand what was good in my world, despite some days being difficult. It was a powerful activity for me.”

Get inspired by Kathy in the write-up Finding Joy through Family History Photobooks with Photo Coach Kathy Jones



7 Guaranteed Safe and Secure

FOREVER® is guaranteed safe, secure, and able to remain up to date with new file types for the future as they’re developed.


When you buy FOREVER® Storage, a large portion of your payment is deposited into the FOREVER® Guarantee Fund.

This covers the maintenance, preservation costs, and moving content to new digital formats over time. So you can preserve your memories permanently and relax since your photos, videos, and more won’t get lost or damaged.


I’m Here to Help

Adult daughter with her senior mother
Me and mom today


I enjoy sharing the many ways of how FOREVER® has protected my family’s memories.

Try FOREVER® with 2 free GB of storage and see how easy it is to use.

Contact me with questions and if you’re interested in being a photo coach, please let me know. It’s a joy to work with fun clients and colleagues across the U.S., Canada, and Australia.

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