Looking for a Home Business to Own? Try Photo Coaching to Benefit Families.

Photo coaching is a versatile home business you can own that achieves 3 important results:

  1. offers peace of mind
  2. connects the past and future generations
  3. brings hope and joy

Read on to see why it’s been my career for almost 30 years.

I named my business Safeguard Your Memories® because it’s satisfying and rewarding helping families preserve their photos, videos, and more memories for now and many generations to come.

Photo collage of 3 phses of kids growing older
Melody’s family during the past 30 years

It’s a business, of course, and has its highs and lows of working with clients but I’ve been able to scale my company nationally, help numerous families, and I can show you how to do the same.

How do I achieve the three results mentioned above in my coaching business?

I use the only platform that makes it possible, FOREVER®.

FOREVER® is the most comprehensive memory-keeping system available and it’s guaranteed to last for a lifetime, plus into the next century and beyond. You can keep all your most meaningful memories from years gone by with the new memories your family will create in the years to come.

See it in action.

Give me 30 minutes on a virtual tour and you’ll see how you’ll benefit customers for many lifetimes to come.

Scroll to the end of this post for my contact information.

Peace of Mind

FOREVER® is a peace-of-mind solution. Here’s why.

Permanent digital storage with FOREVER® is guaranteed because the company’s business model is updating technology and migrating older, out-of-date files.

Imagine being able to store letters from World War Two, like this, so that family and friends you’ll never know will be able to access them:

Screenshot of letters stored in digital album
On the FOREVER blog One Letter at a Time.

Compare that to hard copy files at risk of getting lost or damaged.

Neatly boxed traditional scrapbook albums tucked away in closets or on shelves can get damaged from a home fire, theft, or broken pipes. Do you think computer hard drives, thumb drives, or external hard drives are designed to last decades? They can get dropped or corrupted.

Digitize and store all your memories in different formats in one place. Have your 8mm home movies, slide shows, and handwritten letters along with more recent VHS tapes and printed photos in your account.

Own your digital storage space. This means you don’t have to worry that you’ll get locked out of your account or that your content will be used for data mining or other marketing purposes.

Here’s a comparison chart to skim:

Storage comparison chart
Only FOREVER® offers true permanent storage

Connect the Generations

Woman looking at camera, wearing blue white striped shirt
Margarita Buitrago, photo coach


FOREVER®’s permanent storage model links past generations with current and future family members and distant relatives. I think of Maria Buitrago, a colleague whose mother is originally from Colombia and immigrated to the U.S.

She has photos of her mother’s family from before World War 2 and has shared photos from Los Angeles with her cousins in Colombia who had never seen them. Easily share files with friends and family around the world with an internet connection.








Old family photo with men in suits and ties, women in nice dresses
Margarita’s mother’s family

Interested in family research? FOREVER® offers professional genealogists who can consult and get you started on a family research project or help you locate hard-to-find information.







Offer Hope and Joy

This is a business where you can help families lift each other’s spirits, especially for our wonderful aging moms, dads, and grandparents.

Digitally stored photos can be turned into appealing photo books and other gifts like wall art.

Many of us live between the generations of our grandchildren and our very senior parents and looking back on past photos and videos can really give them a reason to smile.

During the COVID lockdown, my father was in an assisted living facility and separated from family because we couldn’t get in to see him. But the photo book we printed using our digitally stored photos really gave him an emotional boost.

Man leafing through photo book
Photo books boosted my Dad’s spirits during COVID shutdowns.


FOREVER® also has an option for streaming videos from your account.

Another friend and colleague, Brandi Koehm, was visiting her grandmother. Brandi used her smartphone to log in to her FOREVER® account and play home movies of her grandmother’s family from 50 years earlier. Her grandmother who is suffering from Alzheimer’s was able to relive special memories.







What’s Your Why for Running a Business?

Now that you know what photo coaches can do for their clients using FOREVER®, it’s important for you to know your Why for wanting to start and run a business.

Why did I become a photo coach?

For me, I was a young mother when I started and wanted a career that would let me earn a professional income while staying home with my children. I was able to achieve that.

For you, you may want income security as you head into retirement. If you’re a professional in photography, insurance, or estate planning then you could add FOREVER® to your existing portfolio of services.

Why do it?

You’re going to help others safeguard their family’s memories and business milestones for generations into the future.

To me, that’s been a wonderful reason to run a photo coaching business.


Take the Tour

Take a virtual tour with me and in a half hour you’ll see the benefits of FOREVER® in action and I’ll share highlights from my photo coaching career.

Contact me via my website’s contact form or email me:


Your email is safe with me and you’ll not be added to any lists without your permission.

Try FOREVER® yourself when you sign up for 2 free GB of storage space. You’ll see how to upload files and use albums and tags to organize your files.

And visit the Events page on my website for brief sessions to learn more about FOREVER® and meet new friends.

A family’s memories are one-of-a-kind and deserve having a safe space where future generations can access them.


Discover how to preserve family memories:

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