Preserve Your Sports Photos to Document Your Family’s History

Guess what’s happening this month?

The photos in this post give a major clue!

College football is underway and the NFL season kicks off September 11. Plus, volleyball, soccer, hockey and basketball. And baseball playoffs, too. Oh, yeah, and golf. And—there are still more to mention.

Our sports world is churning at full throttle and it rarely slows down.

Now imagine if you can easily upload your photos and videos as you take them into one safe, secure place—and you can share them with friends and family and turn the most meaningful memories into gifts like photo books.

Let’s safeguard your sports memories and preserve them as part of your family’s history.


Back to School is also Back to Sports

Last month, I focused on preserving your back-to-school photos, but in the U.S. the start of school kicks off another year of scholastic sports—from grade school through college. And then we have the pros.

Sports is a big deal. Cheering on a particular team ties us to our high school, college, a particular city, or even our youth.

Family with daughters in USC outfits
Can you tell who our favorite collegiate team is? A peek into our family history, dated 2000.

Even family members who aren’t into sports can’t escape the ongoing frenzy.

Think of all the memories we associate with sports and capture with images and on videos:

  • Little Suzie joining her first soccer team—and either loving it or hating it
  • Backyard cookouts during college rivalry games—even with friends and family who know little about the game
  • Kids opening gifts of shoes branded with a Big-Name athlete
  • Senior Day as players take the field for the last time
  • The thrill of winning a championship
  • The thrill of ending a losing streak
  • The thrill of treating players to pizza after the season
  • Dad or mom off to officiate another game

We build relationships through sports, and we can build character as well. We celebrate achievements and milestones—and often bitter disappointments in races that were almost won or injuries that sidelined an otherwise promising career.

Sports is also an important part of our family histories.

Maybe you have an aging relative in a nursing home who once wrestled, ran track, or was an outstanding swimmer. You can appreciate who they were and who they are now.

Looking back on old sports photos shows us how fashions have changed drastically. Uniforms and cheer outfits from an era like the 1950s may look funny to us now. But how will our outfits look to people who view our photos and videos a hundred years or two hundred years from now?

Iowa Cheerleader 1959
Iowa Cheerleader 1959; Photo from history of cheerleading article in Business Insider, See link to article below

Storing and Preserving Photos, Videos and More

Family history is a continual storyline with many participants who never get to know each other. Do you have sports awards, high school diplomas or yearbooks from your parents and grandparents?

You can digitize those older files from the early 20th century like print photos, 8mm home movies and documents. Of course, you can include VHS tapes and traditional scrapbook albums.

What else do you know, or what don’t you know, about your relatives from earlier generations?

There are many ways to dig into your family history using free resources. I’ve covered it in a blog post that I link to at the end of this post.


Saving Sports Photos

This is your opportunity to gather all those older media files in one digital album where you also store your photos, videos and important documents of today.

Young woman in cheer outfit circa 1970s
In my cheer outfit from 1978

Imagine your father or grandfather’s black and white basketball photos alongside your child or grandchild’s full-color images on the court in 2022.























How do you do this?

I’ve been a photo coach for nearly 30 years and the best solution that I’ve found is FOREVER®, a cloud-based storage and memory preservation system.

Why use FOREVER® and why not store on social media or sites that charge a low monthly fee?

You can see the differences on this chart and scroll down to learn more.

Comparison chart from FOREVER
Compare the services you know with FOREVER

FOREVER® is engineered for permanent storage on a platform where you own your space.

Social media platforms and other paid sites will store your photos and videos for years, but:

  • You don’t own the space, you’re renting
  • Your data is mined for advertising and marketing purposes
  • The Terms of Service can be used to suddenly lock you out of your account without warning
  • Storage isn’t guaranteed

Here are the benefits of FOREVER®:

  • Digitizing all your old media files, as I mentioned earlier
  • Uploading your new ones from any device and using an app on your phone to upload your current photos and videos
  • The freedom to create specific albums and sub-albums
  • Offering streaming video
  • Privacy settings to control who sees your albums. You can have different settings for each album like private, family and friends, and public
  • Sharing out to friends and family—and on social media, of course
  • Allowing friends and family to share to your account, even if they don’t have one
  • Turning your photos into photo books and other gifts

Your account is guaranteed safe and active for a lifetime, plus 100 years and beyond.

And if you want help researching your family’s history, FOREVER® has professional researchers who are available for consultations or longer assignments.


I’m Here to Help

Melody Whitehead
Melody Whitehead, Safeguard Your Memories

I’m passionate that you preserve your family’s story. It’s unique and deserves a place in your family’s history if not the public’s view of the past.

Why not try FOREVER® yourself with 2 free GB of storage space? It’s my thank you gift to you.

Contact me and I’ll gladly answer your questions about using FOREVER® and any of the services.

Finally, join friends of mine online and learn to use your photos in writing your family’s story. Check my Events page for dates and times.

Dig into more about using FOREVER® with the links below.





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