Organize, Store, and Share Your Photos with the Ones You Love

Woman and man taking selfie

Make organizing and storing your photos a family-wide project, and enjoy doing it during special times like anniversaries along with special observances and holidays. It’s a year-round activity that can draw you closer together with others. I’ve been writing a lot about researching your family’s history by journaling photos, interviewing family members, and using free […]

A 4-Step Strategy to Research Your Family History and Organize Your Family Photos

Old photos in a brown box

Researching your family history goes hand-in-hand with organizing family photos, home movies, and your other media files. Various tools are useful in researching your family history but how do you store the information as you find it? Here’s a strategy for uncovering the people and stories in your family line while also organizing your most […]

Make Your Photos and Video in 2023 Last … FOREVER®

Did you capture some photos and videos of the eventful 2022 holiday season with exceptionally snowy and icy weather in places like Buffalo and Seattle? It wasn’t all fun and sleigh rides with flights delayed around the country and drivers getting stuck in snow drifts. In my previous home of Pasadena, the Rose Parade was […]

How Safely Stored and Well-Organized Photos Bring Hope and Peace of Mind

Photo book with man on cover

In the hectic pace of daily life, we often overlook the importance of soaking up meaningful memories with family photos and videos. Until a time of personal crisis strikes and we long for photos and videos to remember the face and voice we knew. Amy Vanden Berg is a good friend and colleague with personal […]

Tips on Organizing and Permanently Storing Your Summer 2022 Photos and Videos

Man, woman, holding baby on beach

Now that summer 2022 is fading, start preparing to organize your photos and safeguard them permanently. Where? A private, secure digital storage solution that you own and where you can gather your most meaningful memories in one place.   Organizing Your Recent Photos and Videos You may have a backlog of photos and videos going […]

How Madelyn Brownell Uses Cloud Storage to Preserve Family Memories

Woman holding collage

You have photos stored on your phone, or your laptop and you’re wanting to get them all in one place. You also have all those old media files, too, like VHS tapes, slide shows, and more sitting on your shelves. We’re surrounded by computing power yet it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and we can’t figure […]

6 Steps to Easy Photo Organization and Permanent Storage

Family cookout; older man helping children at grill

Photos and videos continue collecting on our phones, tablets, and laptops as we’re out and about, taking trips, going to events like birthday parties, or even shopping in the store while deciding what to use in decorating the house. Taking photos is an everyday, and every moment, occurrence. Have you received a text from your […]

The Benefits of Storing Family Photos and Videos Safely and Permanently

Collage of family photos

Brandi Koehm wanted her family photos, videos and home movies stored in a safe place but felt a “dark cloud” of uncertainty. And then it happened. Her files were uploaded to her computer that she knew “was dying.” Then the hard drive crashed and she lost three years’ worth of meaningful memories, unable to recover […]

Summer Photography Tips and Permanent Photo Storage Solutions

There’s more light in the day and the world takes on a different color scheme. Your routine may stay the same but capture those moments during the summer that you don’t have during the other months in the year. Then scroll down to learn how to safeguard and share your summer memories for generations to […]

The Power of Digitizing Your Family’s Photos and History in Digital Storage

Melody and Jack inset with film reels

Family photos aren’t static items, but they bring memories to the surface and let us relive some of the most important moments of our past. They also bring joy to our aging parents and grandparents by giving them a sense of joy and meaning that television and crossword puzzles simply can’t. My dad is a […]

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